The Rockin' Eddy Oldies Radio Show

For anyone in their mid-teens in the mid-5Os, and into music, it had to be Rock 'n' Roll - American Rock 'n’ Roll.

By 1956 there were hundreds of small record companies in the US pouring out Rock 'n' Roll, doo-wop and rhythm and blues records. By 1958 there were tens of thousands and they were hitting the top ten pop charts by storm.

By 1961, America carried on with Rock 'n' Roll, getting ever stronger with an array of Bobbies, Frankies or Johnnies and artists like the Jive Five, Dion, Freddy Cannon, the Shirelles and many more were flying the flag.

By late 1963 things were starting to change right at about the time when Kennedy was assassinated (Doo-wop was gradually fading away, R&B was turning into Soul and the Beatles charted in America in January 1964). This was the beginning of the end of an era as 50s teenagers knew it. 

By 1965 a new sound was emerging (Rock n’ Roll became just “Rock”, Motown was maturing and reaching its height, and many artists still tried the same Rock & Roll era formula (Bobby Fuller 4, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels) but they would be outdone shortly by the British Invasion and new subgenres of Rock and life for that matter, socially and culturally would never be the same).

Join me, Rockin' Eddy, 24/7 to relive an era often forgotten, but glorified as the Golden Age of American Rock & Roll. Thanks for listening.