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Live From Rockin' Eddy's Drive-In
50s drive-in theater with Rockin Eddy's CDs on the screen.
Many misconceptions exist about the period immediately preceding the Beatles than any other phase in post-war popular music. It is commonly supposed that very little music of lasting value was recorded between the period from the mid-50s to about the time the Beatles first set their foot on American soil – that the years in between were merely a bleak gap dominated by foolish teenage idols and any number of records named after senseless and ludicrous dances.

It is a sad reflection of America’s attitude towards its own musical culture which regards its very own Rock n’ Roll Era as another consumer disposable, that to this day, most Americans with a passing interest in popular music remarkably but sadly believe that the Beatles invented Rock n’ Roll and that the Rolling Stones were the progenitors of Rhythm & Blues. This has come about because the Rock & Roll Era was essentially a working class phenomenon largely confined within the parameters of the teenage world, whereas post-Beatles Rock had middle class origins and pretensions which enabled it to find greater social and intellectual acceptance among all levels of society. Needless to say, there was very good music during the post-Beatles era, but it has achieved for years and years the recognition it deserves. We’re here to incite and promote a generation of music which was by no means dull, backward or conventional as people believe. It was indeed very much ahead of its time!

Join me, Rockin' Eddy, 24/7 to relive an era often forgotten, but glorified as the Golden Age of American Rock & Roll. Thanks for listening.